The Ark Society
Behold The Ark Society

  • New Book brings to life a futuristic society.
  • Rich-Layered and imaginative.
  • Just imagine A Better Educational System, A Better Government.
  • The Ark Society is essentially a blueprint for the coming of age.
  • High-tech society where people work in harmony creating tremendous social and economical progress.
  • Influence of sophisticated thinking computers.

Some people fear the future would mark the end of history. Still there are those who believe that the future will only reflect mankind's progress and its ever-growing link with the revolution of technology. In time, people's values, political systems and society's norms will be shaped tremendously. The ultimate question is: Are people prepared to live within a futuristic, high tech society? Get ready for an astonishing look into the future as David J. Nowel proudly releases The Ark Society.
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